Lani Nalu: ENERGY
Only US$ 297 (Usual Price $597)
With enough ENERGY you can do anything! Stop making excuses, stop regretting and start living now!
Who is the Energy program for...
Women who are burnt out, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Women who do everything for everyone else, but at the end of the day, feel empty.
It's for you if you...
  • ​Feel lost, alone, exhausted, and up until this point have tried to take care of everyone else but your self
  • Feel Like you have no energy
  • Want to increase your energy levels, so you can DO ANYTHING
  • Want to stop wasting your life
  • ​Know you aren't living up to your full potential
The biggest lie we're told is that we are not in control of our energy. 

We're told being exhausted is normal and feeling burnout is just part of being a woman.

We're told mums are always exhausted. Empaths are always exhausted. Caretakers are always exhausted. Being successful is exhausting. Helping others is exhausting. Being on our period is exhausting...

It's all freaking dog shit. 

I have cracked the code on ENERGY!
Learn Lani's simple to use strategies that have LIFE CHANGING effects.
Whats included?

Life time access to the 3 Energy Healing Sections

 The Energy program is made up of 3 healing sections, that each contain 3-4  healing sessions each. 

The tools and strategies you learn here should be used for life. That is why we give you life time access to the program, sessions, strategies and videos.

(Value $1,497)

2 Life Changing Meditations

Receive 2 of Lani's life changing meditations. One for you to start your day, and one for you to end your day.

These powerful meditations are what Lani uses's every day to increase her energy and create the life of her dreamss.

(Value $297)

Lani's Morning Routine

Win the morning and you win the day! 

Inside the Energy program, Lani gives you her simple, but super effective 20 minute routine that she uses every morning. 

If you implement this in to your life, expect incredible changes to happen.  

(Value $297)
Join Today For Only $297...
Save $300 for a limited time only
Includes 10 Video Sessions With Lani + 2 Bonus Meditations

Delivered on a mobile and desktop friendly system, so you can access at any time

If you don't have enough ENERGY it's impossible for you to live up to your full potential.

In Bali 2016 I was stuck in my head, thinking about all the shit I didn't have and all the times I'd been hurt. 

First thing in the morning I woke up with anxiety and tired WTF!

It's so miserable to start the day feeling overwhelmed. And during the day I gave everything I had to my yoga students, my friends, and to men that didn't give a fuck about me.

I felt like I was running around and around on a hamster wheel made of dog shit. Of course I wanted to make changes but how could I when I had no energy.

I couldn't even do the shit I wanted to do like surf and yoga and those were free.

You're not worthless, you're not an idiot, you just don't know HOW to access and strengthen your energy.

If you want to learn how to do the splits would you tell yourself you're just one of the unlucky ones who was born without it? 

Or would you find a Bad Ass woman who can do the splits and learn from her?

Obviously the latter... Well here I am.

The Bad Ass woman who knows exactly HOW to access and strengthen your energy muscle and all you have to do is show up.

I am giving you my exact strategies that got me from exhausted, sick, lonely, and anxious to Bad Ass, Confident, Warrior Queen.

I don't have more energy than you because I was born with it. I have more energy than you because I stopped waiting for someone to knock on my door and give it to me.

This course will change your freaking life. No more grumpy pants haha. We are getting rid of her because the real you is Worthy, Excited, Passionate, Fun and a Bad Ass.

I believe in you! 

Love Lani x ❤️

100's of Women Are Using Lani's Strategies EVERYDAY...

Now Its Your Turn! 


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